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Best OS for a FCP7 clean instal?
by Jesse Kane 12 months ago
Hello all, I am forced to get a new hard drive and purchase a new copy of FCP7 for my Mac Pro (A 1289). I will need to put a new OS on it. Any advice an what is the perfect OS to put on it and leave i
Re: Best OS for a FCP7 clean instal?
by Ken Kozak 12 months ago
I'm running Sierra 10.12.6 (not High Sierra), and I can run FCP7 fine. I believe it will NOT work on High Sierra. However, I'm only using FCP7, not the other studio apps. Ken Kozak Principal at Kendo
Final Cut 7 killed by high I solved the problem
by Wendy Peter 1 year ago
This is a follow up to a question I posted about a month ago, as to what my options were with the death of Final Cut 7 after I upgraded to high Sierra without thinking it through. I am sharing this ju
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Re: Final Cut 7 killed by high I solved the problem
by Ken Kozak 12 months ago
Very late, but I'll still add my 2cents. I mainly edit on FCPX , however I'm still using FCP7 for a TV production company in NYC ( a number of major tv shows still use it, familiarity I think). FCP7 s
White screen in canvas viewer
by Evan Thomas Phillips 9 years ago
Strange problem I've never seen before in FCP. When I scrub through the timeline, or leave the time indicator on a frame, all I get is a white screen in my canvas viewer (audio still comes through tho
Re: White screen in canvas viewer
by Ken Kozak 3 years ago
Thank you Evan & Illusia, years later I'm working back on FCP7 and that solved my problem!
Could filming a person on white cyc walls affects my 5DMark3 footages bitrate?
by Ken Kozak 5 years ago
Hi all, Just finished a shoot where we filmed a fitness instructor against a cyc wall - pure white. Medium to wide shots. 5DMark3 on sticks. 1080p 24. Latest firmware, using cinestyle for flat color p
recommend a decent prosumer/commercial VCR deck?
by Ken Kozak 11 years ago
Hi, Can anyone recommend a decent prosumer commercial VCR deck with firewire in out. I'm capturing a few hundred hours of VHS footage into FCP and want something in the $500-1500 range (cheaper is bet
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