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Sync all over the place
by Paul Harb 10 years ago
Forgive me as this is my first RED project, so I am still learning this workflow. I shot a music video on RED at 4k 23.98, and transcoded those R3D files to Apple Pro Res 422HQ 23.98 1080x1920 to edit
Re: Sync all over the place
by Ken Glaza 10 years ago
I really didn t want to get into this level of complexities. There is no room to teach here. I like a brisk conversation but can we dispense with the slams Mr. Moderator Audio- A single file example!
CS4Encore sector header errors
by Ken Glaza 10 years ago
I get the same warning. "The image has sector headers." The solution is not relevant. I do not have any copy protect turned on as far as I can see on the build page. Are there others on pages buried I
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