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Wild Wild Country
by Stephen Smith 4 months ago
Has anyone seen Wild Wild Country Here is the trailer: https: watch v=hBLS_OM6Puk I was told about it from some friends who grew up on Washington back in the 80s. Basically, it was a s
Re: Wild Wild Country
by Ken Boyer 3 months ago
I grew up in the Portland area while all this was taking place in Antelope. So I found "Wild Wild Country" to be absolutely fascinating. It was on the news every night while I was in middle school ear
Contrast increase during import
by Gary Stone 6 years ago
I'm getting some undesirable results when importing QT files to M100 from my Canon 5D and GoPro Hero3. I've tried the Prores and DVCPro HD codecs but there's still an significant bump in the contrast
Re: Contrast increase during import
by Ken Boyer 6 years ago
I'm wondering if the Color Range option was added in v2, and your v1.5.1 doesn't have the Color Range option. Any other M100 users care to enlighten As a workaround, you can always go to Levels and re
Media100Suite 2.1.2 & AJA LHi driver version?
by Jaeson Koszarsky 7 years ago
What AJA LHi driver version is needed for Suite2.1.2 We're currently running OS X 10.7.4. Thanks, Jaeson
Re: Media100Suite 2.1.2 & AJA LHi driver version?
by Ken Boyer 7 years ago
We are using AJA LHi driver 10.3.2 for our Snow Leopard and Lion installs. Seems to work fine for us. ken
Media 100/OSX lion bugs
by Sam Bowling 7 years ago
We've been having tons of problems with media 100 2.1 on OSX lion. Not sure if all the problems are with media 100 or lion or both (they both have their share of problems on their own). We are current
Re: Media 100/OSX lion bugs
by Ken Boyer 7 years ago
Hi Sam, I can help with one of your Media100 issues: The Applying Audio Effects to Multiple Clips issue. This is from my conversation with tech support several years ago: "Apply the audio fx to your f
How many M100 users are we?
by Fermin Branger 7 years ago
Does somebody knows how many people are using M100 around the world Fermin Branger ALFARERIA CINEMATOGRAFICA Caracas, Venezuela.
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Re: How many M100 users are we?
by Ken Boyer 7 years ago
I'll chime in... We are a two person corporate video team in Seattle, WA, and have been using M100 since 1995. But I couldn't tell you who else in town uses M100. If I had to guess, I'd say not many.
Camera upgrade advice
by David Garza 7 years ago
Hello, I'm looking to upgrade from SD (Sony PD 170) to HD and I've been researching the: Sony - FS 100 or EX1R My work consist of commercial, interviews, wedding, and live events. I'm expanding into c
Re: Camera upgrade advice
by Ken Boyer 7 years ago
I can't really speak to the DVD, either positive or negative, because I've never seen it. We only have the book. So I'll limit my comments to what I know. We also have the book for the F-800 XDCAM, an
Honest Obi-Wan
by Scott Roberts 8 years ago
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Re: Honest Obi-Wan
by Ken Boyer 8 years ago
Ok, I've never posted to this forum before, but I just about blew cheap red wine through my nose laughing at this one. That's hilarious! kb
Booting 64-bit and Media 100
by Ken Boyer 8 years ago
Has anyone had any issues booting their MacPro in 64-bit mode (Snow Leopard) and using Media 100 We have a Kona LHe card box and the Adobe CS 5.5 suite (along with Final Cut Studio), and the AJA Adobe
Re: Booting 64-bit and Media 100
by Floh Peters 8 years ago
Luckily OSX is pretty clever with 64-bit support. It runs in 64 bit, but lets 32bit application run along in 32bit mode. No problems, at least not on our systems.
HD edit to 16x9 letterbox
by Lukkee Chong 8 years ago
Hi. So having edited a HD project inclusive of Boris Red efx and graphic overlays I have done the "conform" via the media menu in Media100. All the footage without efx or graphics come in letter boxed
Re: HD edit to 16x9 letterbox
by Ken Boyer 8 years ago
We have had similar problems, going back a few versions of M100 (currently on 2.0.1). If I place text over an HD program, then conform to a letterboxed SD program, the text doesn't scale correctly. My
V2.0 Audio
by Greg Snyder 8 years ago
I was just doing some testing and it seem that you can only mix and match video of different frame rate in a timeline. When I try to add a clip that has audio it complains about different rates. The d
Re: V2.0 Audio
by Ken Boyer 8 years ago
Whoops! I posted too quick without reading your post carefully. Looks like you do have one audio rate, just different video rates. But the audio rate still frustrates! ken
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