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Isis V. Editshare
by Ryan McAfee 5 years ago
Hello, I am currently debating on purchasing either an Isis or an Editshare. Could you please give me any advice on either or Pros and Cons Currently editing on Media Composer 6.5. and Premiere CS6.
Re: Isis V. Editshare
by Keith Rocheck 5 years ago
A few years ago we were faced with the same decision, except with Facilis in the mix as well. We were a Unity shop and that system was literally bullet-proof. I had experience with Facilis from anothe
Computer specs for Avid/Creative Cloud
by Brad Coulter 6 years ago
When I started taking editing courses a couple of years ago, the Mac mini I had was enough to get me by. Now that I'm doing freelance work, it's not cutting it. I use Avid 6.5 and Creative Cloud (most
Re: Computer specs for Avid/Creative Cloud
by Keith Rocheck 6 years ago
I'm going to recommend you look into an HP z230. Its a fantastic box and at a price you may not expect for an HP workstation, but depending on the options you click you can go over your budget. http:
New rumor: Apple to abandon FCPX
by James Valenti 8 years ago
Saw this link posted on English Translation: http: news 2011 06 30 apple-issues-a-communique-following-the-criticisms-of-final-cut-pro-x French: http:
Re: New rumor: Apple to abandon FCPX
by Keith Rocheck 8 years ago
John-Michael Seng-Wheeler "If you want some interesting reading, read through that. You might see what this could of been like if apple didn't do things the way they do." It comes down to core-compet
Future of the Mac Pro platform
by Patrick Murphy 8 years ago
I think it might be worth while to suggest a few realities about Mac Pro's. Here's my view of the realities of their status. 1. For what they are, they're monstrously overpriced. My estimate is 2x. Bu
Re: Future of the Mac Pro platform
by Keith Rocheck 8 years ago
http: thread 335 7930 I laid some of this out over there. The MacPro's days are numbered though ... how many years that will be is in question, but there's no doubt in my mind i
3rd Party Developers - PLEASE DO NOT SELL IN APP STORE
by Keith Rocheck 8 years ago
I would just like everyone to see the irony behind Apple's new model. Assume our wonderful 3rd party developers decide to jump on this new bandwagon and build what we all need. If they sell it though
Scott Sheriff liked this 8 years ago
Re: 3rd Party Developers - PLEASE DO NOT SELL IN APP STORE
by Keith Rocheck 8 years ago
It is very clear my point is still being missed. I obviously see the benefits for everyone involved. There really aren't any downsides for anyone. I develop software as well as my many other talents .
by Juan Salvo 10 years ago
I see revival is listed in the BMD product page as being available from $1495... does this mean you're doing a mac software only version of revival as well Will this be available in June Have any hard
Re: Revival
by Keith Rocheck 10 years ago
I've been using the product for over a year now. I didn't see the clips at NAB, but none of the film restoration products are perfect. Most shops doing a lot of restoration have workstations for Reviv
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