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Kate Bones 7 years ago

I've been editing a music video and have used different types of footage, canon 5d mkii, iphone 4 and a mini dv Sony 3CC camcorder.

Here's the export from FCP

I was wondering if there was anything I can do to improve the image quality of the camcorder footage
? I converted everything to pro res so all the footage matched but there is still a visible contrast.

i've also graded it using colorista but I'm wondering now if I should take that off the camcorder footage so it looks more obvious ie the colours are blown out. Maybe i could even add a time code to make it more retro?

Any helps appreciated.

Mixed Formats in Final Cut Pro
by Kate Bones 8 years ago
Hello there and thanks in advance for any help. I'm editing a rock-umentary style music video and I've shot some of the footage using a canon 5d mkii at 24fps. I've converted this using 5DtoRGB to app
Re: Mixed Formats in Final Cut Pro
by Kate Bones 8 years ago
Thanks for putting my mind at ease! i was starting to panic a little over here! I'll convert it all to one frame rate and follow your advice. Many thanks! And have a wonderful august! :D
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