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Video and multimedia producer since 1997. Before that I designed packaging.
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September 13th 2007
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Finding a Balance
by Mike Cohen 10 years ago
We have all had clients who do one of the following things: 1. "I agree to your price. Let me know when it is finished."...time passes..."Great, just what I wanted with these few changes." or 2. "I ne
Re: Finding a Balance
by Karla Patterson 10 years ago
Hi Gav, I love your suggestions. Many times I've done this and the project does run much more smoothly. Although..... I love the image of you holding your finger up in the air.... ha ha Have a wonderf
Marketing Resources
by Douglas Gerlach 10 years ago
I am a corporate business video producer looking for a good resource such as an e-book that will help me improve my marketing and advertising so my business can grow. I've been in business for a numbe
Re: Marketing Resources
by Karla Patterson 10 years ago
Hi Douglas, I am looking for the same thing. It seems like I have reached a limit on the sales levels and project levels that I can get myself. Next week I begin a business coaching program. I'm also
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