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September 25th 2012
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Refresh refresh
by Jeremy Garchow 6 years ago
Refresh refresh refresh. Refresh. Command-r. Refresh refresh.
David Lawrence liked this 6 years ago
Re: Refresh refresh
by Kai Rankio 6 years ago
Finland, GMT -2 hrs:
Coremelt's SliceX is awesome
by Jeremy Garchow 7 years ago
Finally. Real bezier masks in a modern NLE without hassle. This is great. I am glad that plugin makers can bring this level of functionality to FCPX. http: 25.media.tumblr.com tumblr_lsah20zBer1qzrlhg
Re: Coremelt's SliceX is awesome
by Kai Rankio 7 years ago
Why not check out Fcpeffetcs.com and their Advanced Masking Tools v.2. It seems to do just the same, with a nicer price tag. Product link: http: www.fcpeffects.com collections new-stuff products advan
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