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Filmmaker, martial artist and illustrator. Loving the craft and taking it one canvas at a time.
I've worked with several s35 camera platforms, including the Sony FS100, Sony F3 and Canon DSLRs.

My post production platforms also include After Effe... [more]
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March 11th 2010
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New York City
No headphones audio in PPRO CS3
by Kahleem Poole 10 years ago
Alright, so I've finally decided to "upgrade" back to CS3 from CS4 on my laptop, but I'm having one problem that's driving me crazy. For the life of me, I CANNOT get the audio to play through my headp
Re: No headphones audio in PPRO CS3
by Kahleem Poole 10 years ago
Most definitely, yes. I tend to use the headphones after I've booted up Premiere. Any idea what options I would need to adjust Some of them are a bit convoluted and I'm not sure what where I'm looking
Sequence Through Headphones?
by Kaelin Osmun 10 years ago
I cant get my sequence to play through my headset when scrubbing through sequence. My headphones get everything else on the computer iTunes etc. But the only thing coming through my Laptop speakers is
Re: Sequence Through Headphones?
by Kahleem Poole 10 years ago
I'm getting the very same problem. I recently "upgraded" to Premiere CS3 from CS4, but I can't get the program to play through the headphones. Does anyone have any suggestions What's goin' on here
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