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What would you quote?
by Justin Sheehan 8 years ago
Hi, What you quote (production, post-production) for three videos that are three minutes each. Each video would have two different people interviewed and b-roll overlaid. Including gas, food, a videog
Re: What would you quote?
by Mark Suszko 8 years ago
Your quote comes from Ernie Kovacks: Television: A medium. So called because it's neither rare nor well done. More to the point: To get a great finished three minutes might involve a whole day of shoo
How much should I charge for a concert shoot?
by Justin Sheehan 8 years ago
The concert will be a total of 3 hours. There will be 5 different videographers, 4 contracted and myself. The videographers will supply their cameras, memory cards, etc. I will supply most of the trip
Re: How much should I charge for a concert shoot?
by Chris Tompkins 8 years ago
You'll need more then 4 hours of their time. You need to arrive HOURS ahead of show time for setup. You need to run an audio feed into a camera too. Are you genlocking the camera for sync Makes post m
Which Tamron Lens should I purchase for a Canon T3i (video production)?
by Justin Sheehan 9 years ago
Which Tamron lens should I buy for my T3i for video production I need something that's good all around: interviews, outside inside b-roll, crowd shots. Most of the videos I do are interview, corporate
Noise Reduction?
by Justin Sheehan 9 years ago
Is it possible, with Audition, to reduce the loud crowd noise and improve the audio of the speaker in this video. I know it would be a lot of work, but is it worth to try it http: youtu.be bjuYhrQmEw0
Re: Noise Reduction?
by Rob Neidig 9 years ago
Tim, Good clarification on noise reduction! I don't know of any relatives in Indiana, though the Neidig name is rare enough that it's certainly possible there's a connection somewhere. My Neidig relat
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