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Confirmed: this is the darkest timeline
by Mark Suszko 6 years ago
https: variety.com 2014 tv news nbc-cancels-community-1201176577
Re: Confirmed: this is the darkest timeline
by Tim Wilson 6 years ago
Scott Roberts " Because if a cult show that I've never seen one second of or even know what it's about like VM can get a movie, then surely one that was just as culty but actually had a visible audie
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Using ArtBeat Transitions
by Anthony Uccello 12 years ago
Hi, I did a search on this topic and I didn't seem to find anything so here goes... I have some ArtBeat transitions (such as a tiny plane flying in and then swooping over the full screen) and these tr
Re: Using Artbeats Transitions
by Julie Hill 12 years ago
That's great Anthony. I'm glad Jim was able to help you get it figured out.-- Julie Hill Artbeats. Your Creative Footage Resource Phone: (541)863-4429 www.artbeats.com
Avid says No to NAB 2008
by gizmac 13 years ago
I am glad Ron is bringing up the fact that expos can get to the point of being too expensive for the return on the investment. My company does exhibit at the MacWorld Expo every year and each year we
Re: NAB-Where's Apple?
by Julie Hill 13 years ago
I had checked the floor map shortly before I left for HD Expo in Burbank around November 5th. It was while I was away at GV Expo in DC last week that I heard about AVID. So, curiously I looked at the
ink blot / water colour footage ?
by Andy Stokes 15 years ago
Hi all, Slightly OT but just wondered if anyone might be able to point me in the direction of somewhere I might be able to purchase footage of ink blotting onto paper or waterpaint on watercolour pape
Re: ink blot / water colour footage ?
by Julie Hill 15 years ago
Hi Chris, Yes, Artbeats cost money. However, we do have various options available. If you don't need broadcast resolution, you can get 320 x 240 size images for only $49 (plus buy 3, get the 4th free)
Video 'Sweeteners'...
by Justin K 15 years ago
Hi, I'm an intermediate AE user looking to spend some more time with this app. I've been studying Trish and Chris Meyer's "Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects" books and I find them incredibly
Re: Video 'Sweeteners'...
by Julie Hill 15 years ago
Hi Justin, If you don't need broadcast resolution footage, Artbeats has 320 x 240 clips of all their NTSC PAL available for $49 each. Perhaps those would work for your projects. Julie Hill Artbeats--
stock chroma footage....
by Trey Eckles 15 years ago
Anyone know of any other companies like ribbitfilms.com that does stock chroma footage
Re: stock chroma footage....
by Julie Hill 15 years ago
Artbeats has one collection that has blue screen, Gun Stock. Don't know what you're specifically looking for in blue green screen but if you'd like to contact me, I'll do my best to steer you in the r
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