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Musician, starting in pro-video market.
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September 11th 2012
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CS4 for Low Cost ?
by Christopher Rotter 7 years ago
Where I can get After Effects CS4 for a discount or a inexpensive price
Re: CS4 for Low Cost ?
by Juan Marin 7 years ago
You could try some local software dealers in your town. It's the best I can think of! I did a quick internet search before replying, and found one for 1.000 US Dollars (as in "not cheap"). Up to this
After Effects Glitch?
by Felix Lugo 7 years ago
I made a new composition, I have several clips and a song. They all have a color correction added to their precomp as each clip has its own precomp. When I play the preview and I listen to the song I
Re: After Effects Glitch?
by Juan Marin 7 years ago
I can think of two minor issues: 1.- When you handle your comp's settings (by hitting cmd key + K with your comp selected), you can manually change the starting time value of your comp... AND 2.- If y
After Effects masking
by Lilli Tran 7 years ago
I am very new to After Effects so I don't know how to explain this clearly using the right terms, but here it goes... I would like to animate a group of shapes which are PNGS (with transparencies) mov
Re: After Effects masking
by Juan Marin 7 years ago
Create a white solid layer (comp sized), then create a mask inside the solid (you can specifically apply any form...for a cirular shape just change to the elliptical marquee tool and double click it w
Changing 60fps to 40fps - Slow Motion issue
by Juan Marin 7 years ago
I'm working on a musical video for my band and encountered a problem. The main idea is to play the song at 1.5x and record a video of it, so when I slow down the fps to match the original speed of the
Juan Marin liked this 7 years ago
Re: Changing 60fps to 40fps - Slow Motion issue
by Juan Marin 7 years ago
After reading you guys, and keeping the trial and error method, I finally went on to AE and right clicked on the video (inside the browser), and just re-interpreted the footage to 40fps inside After E
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