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Old to New, New to Old
by Eric Klassen 8 years ago
I have a client that wants a hard drive to work both on his new macbook pro as well as with his old pc laptop (not sure exactly how old). I got a g-tech drive and formatted to MS-DOS, and after copyin
Re: Old to New, New to Old
by Josh Parsley 8 years ago
There are more options too. http: 8301-11310_39-57401784-285 the-best-ways-to-format-an-external-drive-for-windows-and-mac This article doesn't mention the one I did, but will give you
mac os extended journaled
by johnsabbath d'urzo 8 years ago
Just bout a Seagate Expansion Desktop drive 2TB. It's a USB 3.0 and it also works as a 2.0. I'm using a G5 PowerPC Quad Core. When I format the drive the drive disappears from the desk top, seams like
Re: mac os extended journaled
by Josh Parsley 8 years ago
I'm not sure about the extended journaled problem but FAT has file size limitations. I imagine you're transferring files larger than it can handle. I don't know what FAT format you are using but if yo
Match audio delay with video delay on live call-in show
by Josh Parsley 8 years ago
Hello, First I want to say thank you to everyone who participates on this forum. I've been reading it from time to time and learning things. I'm new to broadcasting so forgive my ignorance on things.
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