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Re: Resolve keeps Dock from appearing
by Hector berrebi 1 year ago
I believe he meant the apple menu or the date & time menu (both can lead you out of resolve)
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Re: conforming problem
by Marc Wielage 1 year ago
You may find it easier to export a flattened file from your editing program and then just color-correct the flattened file within Resolve. These toy cameras without time-of-day timecode and the abilit
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Re: Grading Setup advice
by Glenn Sakatch 1 year ago
As usual i agree with everything Joe says...except i'm disappointed he mentioned a Fiero. As an former owner of a Triumph TR7, (the model Fiero blatently ripped off), i go into a rage mode everytime i
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Re: Difference in clips when viewed in Davinci Resolve (12.5)
by Glenn Sakatch 2 years ago
I think he is referring to the differences in brightness contrast between the two images. Julian, as has been posted here hundreds of times, you cannot trust quicktime player, being viewed on a comput
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Re: Resolve Online Edit FluidSpeed
by Marc Wielage 2 years ago
That's correct: as far as I know, speed transitions generally do not translate between any editing programs. That includes Avid, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Resolve. You have to either export a trans
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Re: Resolve 12 to Avid 8.5 roundtrip not full duration
by Glenn Sakatch 2 years ago
If you change the edit in Resolve from an Avid AAF, the round tripped version that goes back to Avid will simply show you the same sequence (timing, shot order etc) that you spit out...except these cl
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Re: Kill me please - GPU memory is full or reduce number of correctors
by Mike Most 3 years ago
"I'm doing it for free" doesn't change the technical requirements. They are what they are and your system doesn't meet them. That's it.
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Re: Monitor: Calibrating color with what I have
by Paul Provost 3 years ago
The best way to assure you are monitoring a proper video signal from your color grading software or NLE that is not being color managed by the OS is to output picture from a video I o card like a deck
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Re: Compositing and tracking
by Andy Winter 4 years ago
go to the tracking tab, switch to stabilize and track forward. go on the context menu and copy track data. switch to your clip where you wanna have the data, paste track data, change parameters and hi
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Re: Baselight vs Resolve.
by Juan Salvo 4 years ago
One of the biggest difference is the way people like to work. The layer metaphor vs the node metaphor. The way the timelines work. How shapes are built. How curves are controlled. It's not so much tha
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Re: Client wants my .drp?
by Mike Most 4 years ago
ProTools sessions are a required deliverable on many, if not most, studio level television productions. Color sessions are not, primarily because there are multiple systems being used and therefore no
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Re: I Need Color Correction and Effects Workflow Advice: FCP7 to After Effects
by Jon Mitchell 4 years ago
Thanks for the input guys. I think I will just stick with what I know. Going to test run a round trip here in a second to see what limitations exist. Yeah, I was just watching a tutorial on Resolve. I
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Re: A feature from COLOR in DaVinci
by Itai Bachar 4 years ago
Is it something that you can do with Append node in Resolve Just append to the last node.
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Re: NAB and PCI
by Juan Salvo 5 years ago
It isn't sufficient. Stick a gpu in a 4x slot and see how well it works in resolve. Hint: not well at all. Colorist Online Editor Post Super VFX Artist BD Author http:
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Re: Gesture control in FCPX
by Michael Gissing 5 years ago
With a trackball you can feel them without looking. Same with the dials that adjust black, white & gamma etc. They stick up unlike a virtualised iPad display of the same. As Joseph says, you need to b
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Re: Henry Ford on FCP X
by Chris Harlan 5 years ago
Sorry, Bill. Its just a faster--your millage may vary--horse. Yippie-kai-yeah.
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Re: using composite modes
by Dane Cannon 7 years ago
http: Products FinalTouch FTGBlend.htm
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I got an advance copy of FCPX today and ...
by Simon Ubsdell 7 years ago
... it's brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Magnetic Timeline - great to use. Precision Editor - brilliant tool. Context Menus - fab. Audio editing tools - amazing, so easy and quick. Interface - just dandy. M
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Re: Tangent Wave iPad Interface
by kim krause 7 years ago
the ipad is really becoming a virtual can play an instrument on it, watch tv on it, remotely control the tv and the future my ipad will replace the steering wheel in my c
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