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Colorist/ Post Production Specialist
with 30+ years of production / online / FX / Dailies and Mastering experience.
Instudio or Outcall Freelance: Have dongle will travel.
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December 4th 2006
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Technical Information:
System Details:
MacPro 5,1 Mavericks
3xGPU (Cubix) nvidia TitanBlack
Blackmagic Decklink4K / Flanders 2461W
Videotek TVM900, Tangent Element Full Set and portable Wave
FibreChannel Huge/Ciprico 2x 4210 Media Vaults RAID3 6TB
Home Theater:
Christie DW-30 DLP (11 foot diagonal projection)
LG UHD/3D 55UB8500
Denon/Paradigm 5.1
Playstation 3D
Personal Information:
"Free time", you must be joking.
Area of Expertise:
Color Management --
frequently means "Draining the Swamp" AND "Taking Care of the Alligators."
Comments and Things Worth Noting:
Life, The Universe, and Everything? 42.
Its intuitive, but check it if you'd like... take your time.
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