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Render text effects in premiere
by Joseph M. Cutcher 1 year ago
I have this text in my video project that's using lots of gradient colors, and it takes awhile to render and slows the system down when the scrubber is over it. So to fix that, since im happy with the
Video editing proxy for the simple folk?
by Joseph M. Cutcher 2 years ago
I need help with understanding proxy settings, and to that end here is my situation: I make simple help videos as a hobby. These videos are for video games usually, and don't require much from me. Edi
Re: Video editing proxy for the simple folk?
by Joseph M. Cutcher 2 years ago
nvm that says Go Pro not Pro Res...i don't see a ProRes anywhere. but thanks for the input, are there any downsides to the alternative that you mentioned
Encoder seems to run out of breath...
by Joseph M. Cutcher 2 years ago
Media Encoder seems to encode fine, and then just takes a break...encodes again...takes a break. It looks like this: http: 9LTPgUw.png The cpu usage is at 100%, ram goes up, gpu usage is a
1080 as 720 vs. 1080 resized to 720
by Tanner Miller 7 years ago
I have been producing high quality gaming videos on YouTube for a couple years now. I am starting to feel that I may have too high of overhead for the quality I am putting out though. I record in 1920
Test results
by Joseph M. Cutcher 3 years ago
so not really satisfied with the answers here i wanted to know for sure what was better from the perspective of a YouTube viewing a video at 720p First thing, i haven't uploaded any of this to YouTube
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