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Multigroup Track Selections
by Daniel Davies 6 months ago
Hello! I'm doing a lot of multigrouping for a current job - keeping both camera audio and external audio. Just want to know if there's a quick way to switch the audio to the external tracks. At the mo
Re: Multigroup Track Selections
by Joseph Fulton 6 months ago
When you create the Groups, it assumes the top-most item is the most important. So, if you're able to group your External Audio above the Cameras, it will default to that when you create the group. I
Index/List Option
by Eric Santiago 8 months ago
Is there an option in MC similar to FCPX Index window I have a mess of clips in a full feature and need to make a chronological list.
Re: Index/List Option
by Joseph Fulton 8 months ago
Would the "Show Reference Clips" in the Bin Display options help you Then you can export the Bin as an ALE and copy that into a word or excel program.
Quicktime Reference Video Encoding
by Trevor Ambrose 8 months ago
Hi folks, I'm trying to export quicktimes as effeciently as possible. Because I've got a lot of them and I don't want to tie up my Avid for too long. My plan is to export the sequences as a qt referen
Re: Quicktime Reference Video Encoding
by Joseph Fulton 8 months ago
Have you tried MPEG Streamclip one drawback is that it blows away Timecode and starts everything at 0:00.
avid does not recognise sequential files
by Brigitta Bacskai 9 months ago
I'm having trouble with importing sequentially numbered tiff files. I did it many times before so I know the method but now after ticking the auto-detect sequentially numbered files box AVID doesn't t
Re: avid does not recognise sequential files
by Joseph Fulton 9 months ago
Try adding a prefix to all of the files i.e. "video_".
mixer groups - what are they for?
by joe kaye 10 months ago
I've been searching online for a tutorial or an article about the mixer groups with no luck, so thought I'd ask the question here I was poking around in the mixer tool and came across the tracks and g
Re: mixer groups - what are they for?
by Joseph Fulton 9 months ago
Think of it as a set that is being displayed. When I bring it up, it the first 4 tracks (1-4). Clicking Group makes it go to tracks 5-8. Alternatively, you can change the Amount of tracks shows by cli
Make "Options" appear
by Joseph Fulton 11 months ago
Avid MC 8.6.5 on Mac 10.11.6 (El Capitan). Import window defaults to NOT showing the Options (Resolution, which Drive to import to). I'd like see the options each time instead of having to click to op
Re: Make "Options" appear
by Pat Horridge 11 months ago
It's always been that way. It's expected that the first import of a job (or set up by edit assist) you chose resolution drive etc. Then all the rest are done the same. Import isn't used much now as we
DNxHD setting to convert video files
by kevin brown 11 months ago
Hello, I m using MPEG STREAMCLIP, to convert my raw .MTS video footage into QuickTime files using the Avid DNxHD codec. The file I m converting is 2.4GB, once I converted the file, it becomes 8GB. Is
Re: DNxHD setting to convert video files
by Joseph Fulton 11 months ago
Reiterating to not use MPEG Streamclip for creating files. It strips the embedded Timecode in your file.
Avid keyboard in Los Angeles
by Dan Meyerowitz 1 year ago
Does anyone know of any stores in Los Angeles that sell Avid keyboards I'd order one online but I need it for this weekend. Thanks.
Re: Avid keyboard in Los Angeles
by Joseph Fulton 1 year ago
out of curiosity how much were the keyboards at MM I can't seem to find any info online
complete Avid noob: all media is offline, and Relink Media is not working.
by Ted Deltufo 2 years ago
Hi all I'm an editor but never once worked in Avid before. I've just taken over a project that was made in Avid, and I'm trying to migrate it to Premiere. I've opened the project, but all the media is
Re: complete Avid noob: all media is offline, and Relink Media is not working.
by Joseph Fulton 2 years ago
I would make a new Bin and "Link to AMA" to the RED files. Then, open the different bin with your clips and sequences. If this is still not working, make sure you Select highlight all of those RED fil
Ignoring Markers?
by Joseph Fulton 3 years ago
Hi, Wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and if there is a solution. I haven't really found anything from Googling it. This is happening on Avid, Mac 10.8.5. Avid seems to be "igno
H264 vr MPEG-4
by Avi Lev 5 years ago
I'm trying to export 70 minutes to 720x480 QT file. Using H264 takes about 15 hours...( fifteen !) . And using MPEG-4 it takes 2 hours. I understand it has something to do with resolutions. Any more i
Re: H264 vr MPEG-4
by Glenn Sakatch 5 years ago
Do a video mixdown of your sequence, output a same as source quicktime as an intermediate, then run it through mpeg streamclip to an h264. If you system is any good, you should save your self several
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