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José Ignacio París 1 year ago
LCA Producciones is a high-end boutique production company that offers services in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. The company was founded in 1992 and then in 2007 decided to focus exclusively on international production services. Since then we have done more than 90 services with a variety of well know international production companies and major advertising agencies.
If you want to produce an amazing commercial, look no further, this is the production services company for you. At LCA Productions we have a huge passion to produce high-quality commercials, packed with excitement. We hire the most talented crew that we have handpicked over the years since 1992. We managed to put together a fantastic team that works flawlessly, like a well-oiled machine that provides assistance for television commercials, feature films and equipment rental. We are the only truly experienced production services company in the region, covering Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua.
We have done over 90+ production services; check some of them out in our website.
Our equipment rental house Light House Rental is the largest light & grip equipment rental offering Cameras, Monitors, Splash Bags, Dollys (Panther or Matthews), Playback, VTR, Wireless video, Nebteck, Camera Trucks, Light & Grip Trucks, Radios Etc
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