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Key Light and Multi Layers
by Jordan Service 3 years ago
Hello Everyone! So I have a decently tough key-- lots of shadows under a table. So Ideally I would like to have one layer control half of the image and then another layer control the other half. The i
Re: Key Light and Multi Layers
by Jordan Service 3 years ago
FYI I am able to get the line to disappear by placing it in a pre-comp-- but's that annoying because now I can't control and monitor at the same time.
Mac Pro Continuing Problems with Open CL Fire Pro 500
by Jordan Service 5 years ago
I have 4k Pro Res 444 footage over a RAID 10 8bay Areca via Thunderbolt to a 16gb Fire Pro 500 Mac Pro. I Just update to 10.9.4-- It seemed to really fix some of the problems. Just not this one. I am
Preditor - Camera op - editor - animator looking for work.
by Jordan Service 8 years ago
Hello, I am looking for work in the Los Angeles area. I have a wide variety of skills as director - writer - shooter - editor - visual effects. I love making awesome content in any form. My specialty
Demo Reel
by Jordan Service 9 years ago
Hello Creative Cow! So I have been getting pretty positive feed back from Demo Reel... But I can't get any jobs or gigs, so obviously something is not lining up right. I am looking for some honest fee
Re: Demo Reel
by Josh Rockman 9 years ago
Hi Jordon, Your GFX are great, really nice work! As far as feedback, I recon the reel is too long...I opted out at the 1min 30sec mark. Also, I'd like to see some supers in there that tell me about yo
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