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Lift Gamma only in shadows ?
by Harvey Brepson 6 years ago
Hi, Is there a way of getting control over gamma in the shadows, mids, and highlights in Adobe After Effects or Premiere I would like to increase the gamma in the shadow parts, but I don't if it's pos
Re: Lift Gamma only in shadows ?
by Jonathan Rosenberry 6 years ago
Try using the shadow highlight effect in AE. I find that usually does the trick for me.
Videos disappeared
by Austin Thompson 6 years ago
I was working on my video, when suddenly the video disappeared. The audio track is fine, but even when I export the video doesn't do anything. The video appears fine in my bin but when I went to relin
Re: Videos disappeared
by Jonathan Rosenberry 6 years ago
I'm not sure why that's happening but one of my go to fixes for that kind of stuff is re-encoding the raw video file into something different or more friendly for your editing software. What are you e
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