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September 7th 2006
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Scouting for young editor
by Drew Ott 9 years ago
Hello! I'm producing a feature film that will be made by a core team of very young people (under 21). The film will have a budget of around $100,000 and likely be shot in Austin, TX. I'm scouting the
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Re: Scouting for young editor
by Jonathan Mercieca 9 years ago
Hi Drew, I am interested in this project. Find my details below. Regards, Joni ---------------------- Cameraman and Video Editor specializing in travel, dance music events and extreme sports Email ::
would a Mac mini do
by supervideo 13 years ago
I know it may be painfully slow ...but I am doing most of my work on a PC and just wanted to get a taste of using the programs in the Final cut studio sweet before buying somthing like a Mac pro .So i
Re: would a Mac mini do
by Jonathan Mercieca 13 years ago
i have the very first Mac Mini that ever came out with 1.25GHz PowerPC G4 & 1GB DDR SDRAM. I am a freelance video editor and work with Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Live Type all the time and neve
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