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creative music video, film making and motion graphics in Brighton & London Engerlannnd, (the views on this page are my own and not that of the flycreative)
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November 14th 2010
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Brighton UK
7d Corrupt File Issues
by Steven Preston 9 years ago
Hey Cow, coming for some support, been looking on the internet and have not been able to find accurate help. Brand new Canon 7d, shot with it for about 2 weeks when suddenly it crashed mid shoot. I wa
Re: 7d Corrupt File Issues
by Jon Rose 7 years ago
Hi Adele, There is a company that can bring corrupt companies back to life, but this costs about 100 a clip, if I remember the name I'll post it. Is the footage worth a lot to you or can you re-shoot
can't render to .mov
by Miglena Ray 9 years ago
Hi! Every time i try to render a .mov i get this error : After effects error: creating movie - bad parameter (-50) (44::36). can you please help me regards
Re: can't render to .mov
by Jon Rose 9 years ago
Are you rendering it out as Animation I did this recently and you need keyframes every couple of frames to save as an animation .mov. Hope this helps jon Jon Rose DP, Director, Film Maker and Motion G
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