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Director of Technology at New London Community School District
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January 10th 2013
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Davenport, Iowa Area
HDSDI converter
by Jon Munford 8 years ago
Hey Guys, A friend and I are going to start doing very part time live video production. We are planning on getting two Canon HF G20's. I know they do not have HDSDI out which would be optimal but our
Re: HDSDI converter
by Mark Spano 8 years ago
Jon Munford "I know that I could do HDMI out to HDSDI. I could also do component out to HDSDI. So my question is which is the more "professional" way to do it, and which will yield better results " I
New Setup Advice
by Jon Munford 8 years ago
I am the IT director for a small school district here in Iowa. One of our teachers wants to start and after school class to learn basic video and audio broadcasting editing etc. Our plan for next year
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