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mTape LTO-6 with thunderbolt?
by Zach Dierks 6 years ago
Im working on a new edit suite setup and came across what i understand is the only(without needing a bridge) thunderbolt LTO drive. You can find it here: http: products mtape Does anyon
Re: mTape LTO-6 with thunderbolt?
by Alexander alias C.G. Fell 6 years ago
That is so beautiful: being sold on the apple scam, accusing a smart commentator of sneaky sales tactics ;)
Jon Ackerman liked this 5 years ago
opengear confused about backplane's
by maurice jansen 9 years ago
hi there the opengear lineup of products confuse me. i never worked with opengear before normaly i work with AXON but this needs some cutting on budget can i buy frame's at blackmagic. are backplane's
Re: opengear confused about backplane's
by Jon Ackerman 9 years ago
Each of the cards take 2 spaces so just double the number of cards. It's a bit of a sales tactic. "It has 20 slots for cards (but really it only holds 10 cards in a frame!)". Frame 1: (20:20 slots ful
DVI Extender and DVI-D Distro
by Jon Ackerman 10 years ago
Hoping some of you can help me with this. I have two situations I need your help with: 1. I have a Ultrascope that I want to distribute to a couple of places, one of them requires HD-SDI and I purchas
Re: DVI Extender and DVI-D Distro
by Jon Ackerman 10 years ago
Bob, Thanks again for your help. I have figured out a few things with the BM DVI extender. 1. It only works for you if you can use it on a secondary display port (i.e. DVI port #2 on your Mac Pro). 2.
NAB Blackmagic wish
by Bob Zelin 10 years ago
Boy, wouldn't it be great, if Blackmagic offered an OpenGear chassis under the Blackmagic name at NAB This way, it could be sold thru the normal dealer network, instead of the HI PRICES "professional
Re: NAB Blackmagic wish - no listing on website
by Jon Ackerman 10 years ago
I have one, and love it completely. I would suggest getting the one with the better networking ability. The base one leaves a little bit to be desired. I would like to see Black Magic make a sync card
Export Sync Issue
by Paul Jones 11 years ago
I've posted this on the FCP forum but will also try here. I am running the latest version of FCP and have the latest Decklink HD Extreme card fitted. My problem is when I export anything to a self con
Re: Export Sync Issue
by Jon Ackerman 10 years ago
I have been having this same issue. I don't understand what happened, but I didn't change anything and yet everything I export is off, and it varies with each export. I think that there is something g
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