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Dougal Matthews
CatDV Server down due to "tmpids2 table is full"???
by Vincent Jaramillo 6 months ago
Hi everyone, I'm having issues with the CatDV Server being down due to the following error message: deleteMatchingRows.sourceMediaField failed (The table 'tmpids2' is full) Can anyone advise on how I
Re: CatDV Server down due to "tmpids2 table is full"???
by John Vaudin 6 months ago
This usually means the machine has run out of disk space on the volume where the database is, or sometimes on the volume where MySQL is putting its temporary files.
CatDV/Premiere Pro extension question
by Brad Baker 2 years ago
How do you choose which CatDV details panel shows up in the Premiere Pro extension
Re: CatDV/Premiere Pro extension question
by John Vaudin 2 years ago
Normally the Premiere Panel will show the same panels as the web client would. These are configured through the Panels section of the web admin UI. If you've got a reasonably new version of CatDV Serv
Database Connection Refused
by Andrew Saliga 4 years ago
I recently upgraded the Mac running CatDV Server to OS X 10.9.5 and have been unable to restore my backed up database. I performed a clean install of Cat DV Server, but can't get it to import. I get t
Re: Database Connection Refused
by John Vaudin 4 years ago
There is definitely a MySQL 5.7 install for 10.9, so it should be possible to get it working. You might need to manually set up a LaunchDaemon entry as described here: http: question
Change Media Path
by Chad Gilmour 4 years ago
Maybe a stupid question, but can you change the "Media Path" of files already in CatDV I know you can add entries to the "Media Search Paths" which basically has the same result. Just wondering if it'
Re: Change Media Path
by John Vaudin 4 years ago
Yes. In the Media menu select "Update Media Location" and navigate to the new location of the file. If you've moved many files, you can multi-select clips and it will try to apply the same 'move' to a
by Pierre Valliere 4 years ago
I Have a lot of problems with mxf codec in PC and on Mac. Is there a place were I Can get those codec and make them work with CaDV
Re: xmf
by John Vaudin 4 years ago
Calibrated (https: sell the appropriate MXF codecs, but you also need the MXF opton in CatDV, which is cost option I'm afraid, so enable the MXF parsing in CatDV.
Smart folders
by Pierre Valliere 4 years ago
Another one for you guys! I'm creating Smart folders on one Mac, with my User (Admin), but It's not following when I'm log on another computer. There's a way to copy smart folders Thx!
Re: Smart folders
by John Vaudin 4 years ago
When you create a new SmartFolder there is a drop down list that lets you specify if it should be visible to All Users or just a specific user. Are you setting it to All Users
CatDV Server 6.7 Database installation
by Austin Ray 4 years ago
Hi! Trying to set up a version of CatDV Server 6.7 on my mac. First had some trouble getting the MySQL database running but it now seems to work fine. I get to connect to the MySQL but dont know how t
Re: CatDV Server 6.7 Database installation
by John Vaudin 4 years ago
Ah - ok. It was just that you said the error was "Can t create database "chatted" - but I guess that was auto-correct. Maybe the catdv database already exists If you delete it and then re-run the scri
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