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1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720
by Frank Giardina 8 years ago
Hi... I'm not sure how it happened, but while on a shoot, some of my footage is 1280 x 720.... everything else is what I normally have 1920 x 1080. Not sure what to do. Do I just enlarge it like 50% o
Re: 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720
by John Oldham 8 years ago
Scale all down to 720 for sure. This is still HD anyway so should be good quality, just not quite 1080. It won't be particularly noticable difference unless using a large screen in my experience. vide
awesome DSLR HD footage
by Eddie Gonzalez 8 years ago
Where can I see the highest quality HD video that the best DSLR's are capable of. I have found some samples online but it might have been compressed or something was wrong. I was not impressed at all.
Re: awesome DSLR HD footage
by John Oldham 8 years ago
Fantastic 5d mk II depth of field examples here: http: watch v=ra9XLtjBzUU video production companies
Mic for Canon 550d?
by Suley Suleman 8 years ago
Hey Guys, im kind of almost used to my canon 550d. Im almost ready for my first live project and need to get some kind of mic. Basically my use for video will be interviews with an artist either sat s
Re: Mic for Canon 550d?
by John Oldham 8 years ago
I would definitely advise buying an XLR based mic and the best quality you can buy is Sennheiser in my opinion. You can get a beechtech adapter to provide the best quality sound levels using an XLR mi
Chroma keying
by John Oldham 8 years ago
Does anybody know if there is any benefit to using a green screen over a blue screen or any other colour for chroma keying in FCP Corporate Video Northwest
Re: Chroma keying
by Andrew Rendell 8 years ago
The main reason for going blue or green for the background is that human skin shows a lot of red (even though it doesn't look red to the eye). Technically the Y signal is more green than blue or red,
what effects are used in this video?
by Nima Masood 8 years ago
Hello, Can anyone tell me what the effects are used in this video http: watch v=oQucRyPWO1M They're pretty subtle effects, perhaps it's a plugin What I mean: - The rocking of the scree
Re: what effects are used in this video?
by John Oldham 8 years ago
Final Cut Pro's magic bullet has that effect - called bad TV. Very easy to use and customise the colouration and degree of distortion. Corporate Video Northwest
Sales Rep Wanted
by John Oldham 9 years ago
A fantastic opportunity for an experienced sales person, working for our company, Groundbreak Productions - an award winning film production company, based on the Wirral. We produce high quality corpo
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