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New FCPX confirmed for December
by Mark Dobson 6 years ago
This is from the updated Mac Pro information on the Apple website for those that have not seen it. Final Cut Pro X. Now optimized for Mac Pro. The new version of Final Cut Pro X (coming in December) h
Re: New FCPX confirmed for December
by John Moffat 6 years ago
... and no project icon in the bottom left of the interface.
FCPX Favorites bug?
by David Hudson 6 years ago
So I ve been working a job and I have been using Favorites to subclip my Footage and I have come across a weird troubling thing FCPX does. And I tried this on 2 machines and got same action from FCPX:
Re: FCPX Favorites bug?
by John Moffat 6 years ago
I found that Favourites has never worked properly since they implemented persistent in and outs (10.0.6 I think). Lots of buggy behaviour like you mentioned. It used to be the case where you could mar
A real hard nut to crack!
by Sascha Engel 6 years ago
Most bizarre Problem I ever encountered on FCP: A friend of mine is editing his Docu in FCP, now he got the music back from the Sound Designer, dropped the WAV on the TL and the beginning is sync, but
Re: A real hard nut to crack!
by John Moffat 6 years ago
I've had a similar problem once. A project was filmed @ 25fps, edited @ 25fps and mixed at @ 25fps. However when the mix came back it slowly went out of sync even tho the timeline and stems where 25fp
Newer is better, right?
by Erik Lindahl 7 years ago
Just reinstalled upgraded our trusty MacPro 2008 8-core machine and found something odd with the "new" editors around. Imported 217 clips (1 hour 42 mins) of ProRes 4444 media shot with an Alexa. All
Re: Newer is better, right?
by John Moffat 7 years ago
Software getting slower apparently called "Wirth's Law"... http: news world-of-tech 10-laws-of-tech-the-rules-that-define-our-world-1067906
Timecode Reader anyone?
by Bruce Wittman 7 years ago
Has any clever person figured out how to use a timecode reader (not timecode generator) within FCPX Our clients want a timecode window burn of our raw footage, NOT the timecode of the timeline I have
Re: Timecode Reader anyone?
by John Moffat 7 years ago
Hi Bruce, I've not used XDCAM or any files direct from a BPAV folder in FCPX yet so this might not work. Or i'm not understanding what you want. However when you import files into FCPX it will copy (a
Forward Select Tool in FCP X?
by Ernie Munick 7 years ago
The ol' tttt (four t's) in FCP 7 would select everything to the right (forward select). Is there a similar command shortcut in FCP X thx
Re: Forward Select Tool in FCP X?
by John Moffat 7 years ago
Park your playhead before the clips you want to select. Go to the timeline index and press "shift alt down" to selects all clips to the right. (or "shift+alt+down" to select all clips to the left.) On
FCPX users, share your favourite tips
by Steve Connor 7 years ago
I'm interested to see what tips or techniques people are using with FCPX and if there's anything people might like to share. Despite considering myself an "experienced" FCPX user, there's still an awf
Re: FCPX users, share your favourite tips
by John Moffat 7 years ago
A Keyword is a word what you tag a clip with. Say the word "Interview". Think of it as the blue line that appears above a clip. You can have multiple keywords on one clip. A Keyword Collection is wher
Keyword Search
by Geoff Addis 7 years ago
I must be doing something wrong, but I cannot see what! I've created Keyword Collections for each of several rooms and have sorted the clips into the appropriate collection and then have applied addit
Re: Keyword Search
by John Moffat 7 years ago
This is a bit of a gotcha as keywords are not searchable in the same way text is. As Tom pointed out keywords are only searchable via the tick boxes in the advance filter window which will become a ve
Editor's Dilema
by Glen Hurd 8 years ago
For those confused by the angst over FCP X, I offer the "Prisoners' Dilema." We have two players: Apple and the Hollywood Editor. Each player has two choices. For Apple, it is to support the Hollywood
Frank Gothmann liked this 8 years ago
Re: Editor's Dilema
by John Moffat 8 years ago
To be fair I do think some great TV comes out of Hollywood. HBO in particular. And Luther was the BBC stepping up to compete with HBO. I was just playing devil's advocate as this forum is too hollywoo
New Mac Pro? I'm waiting patiently
by Jason Brown 8 years ago
I'm guessing I'll see and I've been watching all the speculation, but I'm in need of a new tower and I'm guessing it will come soon. If it's going to be 6 more months...I'll buy one now, but I'd hate
Re: New Mac Pro? I'm waiting patiently
by John Moffat 8 years ago
iMac with a matte screen... iMac Pro :-) BTW... Didn't apple change the internals of the current iMac making it possible to change the graphics card i.e. it is no longer soldered onto the motherboard.
Sequence in Event versus in Project
by Oliver Peters 8 years ago
Out of curiosity... Has anyone yet figured out a "best practices" as to when you should build a timeline as a compound clip in an Event and when to simply build it in the Project library The point of
Re: Sequence in Event versus in Project
by John Moffat 8 years ago
Also try sparse disk images. http: fcp_homepage fcp_x_managing_disk_image_martin.html You can load them and the event & projects they contain as and when you need them. Unfortunately
FCP to Premiere
by Stan Parker 8 years ago
So, I'm editing a feature documentary in Final Cut Pro that I shot with Canon DSLRs and imported using the Canon E1 plug-in to edit in Proxy. (For the horror associated with the E1 plug-in, look no fu
Re: FCP to Premiere
by John Moffat 8 years ago
I'm not sure how stable Premiere will be with a 60min+ timeline of h.264 files. Premiere is great for short form but I would not switch until I spoke to someone with real world experience. You could j
Codecs for FCPX
by Craig RussillRoy 8 years ago
Hi Everyone, So a little test lately - after installing Callibrate)Q) it works in QTX and can import into FCP7 and Premiere pro automatically allows MXF import anyway, so I did a little test and you c
Re: Codecs for FCPX
by John Moffat 8 years ago
Hey Craig, Hope Adstream is keeping you busy From what I've read FCPX doesn't use the QuickTime. It uses a new architecture called 'AV Foundation'. They've just kept the name QuickTime, but is actuall
Tracks and Primaries: Question for FCPX Users
by Franz Bieberkopf 8 years ago
I'll approach this mortally-wounded horse rather carefully, but as the Primary Storyline seems to be central to the FCPX paradigm, and as this strikes me as antithetical to the way I work, I realized
Re: Tracks and Primaries: Question for FCPX Users
by John Moffat 8 years ago
As a alternative technique you can still use the play head as an "in point" to perform a 3 point edit directly into a secondary storyline. As well as using the range select tool to set in and out in a
Bunim/Murray chooses Avid
by John Kaley 8 years ago
http: story 11364598 1 reality-tv-leader-bunimmurray-productions-selects-avid8217s-professional-editing-and-storage-solutions.html
Re: Bunim/Murray chooses Avid
by John Moffat 8 years ago
I think FCPX is more of a threat because the skill base to use FCPX and get professional results is a lot lower than any other editor IMO. The automated way it manages media in the background and the
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