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Resolve 11 Beta Scope performance windows 8.1
by John Hamlik 5 years ago
Z820 workstation with dual Quadro k6000, 64GB ram, 8 core, windows 8.1 latest NVidia performance drivers. With the scopes open cannot get more than 4 or 5 fps on video playback with no node correction
Standard Candle R10
by Sascha Haber 6 years ago
Hello everyone, now that Resolve 10.1 is out officially and people are getting their hands on new MacPros, its time to update the Standard Candle. A standard candle is a known source of luminosity . I
Re: Standard Candle R10
by John Hamlik 6 years ago
Mac Pro 6,1 Late 2013 Processor 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 with 64GB OSX 10.9.1 Resolve Version: Display : AMD FirePro D700 6144MB GPU : AMD FirePro D700 6144MB V01 09 blur nodes 24 fps V
Tesla K20 Windows 8
by John Hamlik 6 years ago
I have a Quadro K5000 installed along with (2) Tesla K20 cards and only one of the Tesla cards is recognized by Resolve. Anybody have any clues on this one --John
Re: Tesla K20 Windows 8
by John Hamlik 6 years ago
Here you go! Capture Logs
Titan v 690
by Blase Theodore 6 years ago
Anyone put them up head to head in resolve Anyone know of a flashed bootable version
Re: Very Interesting
by John Hamlik 6 years ago
Slot 1 - Radeon 7950 Slot 2 - Cubix Expander Slot 3- Blackmagic Extreme 3D Slot 4- Accelsior OWC 960GB Cubix - (4) EVGA GTX 680 4GB --John
by stig olsen 6 years ago
Hi, What is your preferable amount of sharpnes on object, environments and faces How do you use it It would be great with some opinions on that. Im mainly working on material shoot with Epic and Alexa
Re: Sharpen
by John Hamlik 6 years ago
What does it mean to take it to "11"
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