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Nikon D800 & Panasonic HMC71e video
by Jonathan Hudson 5 years ago
Hi every one. Using a Panasonic HMC71e with CS5 for a long time with no problems, very pleased. However I have just bought a Nikon D800 and am wondering if I can import both to a project. What setting
Re: Nikon D800 & Panasonic HMC71e video
by John Gurney 5 years ago
I would start a project, bring footage in from both camera's and then right-click a clip from the D800 and select "New Sequence From Clip. Premiere will then up-size anything from the panasonic to mat
Sony F5 XAVC footage in Premiere CS6
by Don McVey 7 years ago
Wondering if anyone can help. PLEASE HELP!!! Trying to get 1080p XAVC footage from an F5 to work in Pr CS6 (Mac). It imports, but when I try to do anything with it, it crashes. Apparently I need a plu
Re: Sony F5 XAVC footage in Premiere CS6
by John Gurney 6 years ago
Media Encoder works great. You may need to create your own preset depending on what flavor of ProRes you want to encode to.
XAVC Codec
by Steve Connor 7 years ago
We're just about to take delivery of our F55 and were hoping there would be a new release of FCPX with support for the XAVC codec, I was wondering If there's a timeframe for adding 4K XAVC support to
Re: XAVC Codec
by John Gurney 7 years ago
Sorry but page not found when I go to the link. Sony always does that!
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