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Combine MOV
by John Flora 5 years ago
I have 3 camera setup. Each camera SD card has between 5-9 movie clips in them. I have a L R and Center camera. Already have all the clips on my computer. I want to take all the Left clips and combine
Re: Combine MOV
by Mark Suszko 5 years ago
Careful labeling during Log and Transfer. First though, Make folders for right, left, center on your scratch (AV) drive. Copy each card in it's entirety to the corresponding folder. Do Log and transfe
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FCP 7 Multicam issues
by John Flora 5 years ago
Ok here is my issue. We are editing a multicam program. 3 camera angels. Ok scenario I click the wrong camera pause it go back to the edit and rejoin the segment ok no issues here. Lets say a little f
Re: FCP 7 Multicam issues
by John Flora 5 years ago
Ok so what is the best method to fix a blade cut I make. Say I choose the wrong camera angle and then stop he playback. That cut shows up what is best to go back and remove that angle I chose incorrec
Final Cut Pro 7.0.3
by John Flora 5 years ago
Good morning, First of all thanks for everything everyone does! I have taken a job as an IT technician. Part of my job is to edit sermons for my boss. This is setup with 3 cameras L,R,CTR the tech bef
Re: Final Cut Pro 7.0.3
by Mark Suszko 5 years ago
I will recommend you download the FCP7 course ware from Larry Jordan. I find he has a friendly and very systematic approach, he doesn't assume you know every definition, so he builds your vocabulary a
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