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I’m convinced that growing up in a small Mississippi town is why I developed such a creative imagination. My friends seemed to only be interested in playing sports or hunting and fishing. I was more interested in pretending to be a sound engineer o... [more]
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Creating/sending custom lower thirds during live stream event
by James Sapione 7 years ago
What program to create lower thirds for live streaming multicam event Hello I'm directing multi camera live streaming events. I want to add lowerthirds(15of them) in during the event. We have a Panaso
Re: Creating/sending custom lower thirds during live stream event
by Joey Goodsell 7 years ago
A simple solution is to use Keynote with a chromakey green background. Learned this from Alex Lindsay from Pixel Corp. You can build it in FCP AE with animation then export it as QT and drop it in Key
Teleprompter for IPAD 2 ??
by Ezra Hiller 8 years ago
I am in the market for a portable teleprompter kit. Using it with the Sony VX2100 and soon to be with a Sony Z5 or the like. I will be using an ipad for the prompter and have been looking at the follo
Re: Teleprompter for IPAD 2 ??
by Joey Goodsell 8 years ago
We are looking into rundown creator as a portable prompter solution for various reasons. It is cloud based so you can use any number of devices to run it. It is primarily rundown and script creation b
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