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February 8th 2010
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Music Player Needed
by Joe Staley 9 years ago
I am looking to add a music player on our website as we have been given content to showcase through the site. We would like to have the player stay on the screen no matter what page is clicked, sorta
Re: Music Player Needed
by Lacy Vu 9 years ago
Hello, I think you can search it through Google by phrase "add a music player on a website" Besh wish for you Lacy Vu Dizen Creative Logo design, Branding design, Thiet ke Logo http: eng
CSS/Javascript Help
by Joe Staley 10 years ago
Hello. I am in need of a bit of help with my site and I do not know much CSS or Javascript and the problem I need solving needs someone who can obviously do this. What I have isa page with lots of vid
Re: CSS/Javascript Help
by Curtis Thompson 10 years ago
hello... you can either do frames or overflow divs. this is very old, but it explains how to change a frame's url from another frame via javascript: http: articles js015 index.htm as for o
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