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Render error
by lars pedersen 9 years ago
Hi! Iv'e just installed snow leopard on my mac but for some reason when i open old AE projects with 3d layer warp there is a problem. Textures is missing or with some sort of chessboard pattern. Is it
Re: Render error
by Joe DeOliveira 9 years ago
I re-ran the installation and got it working. Also had a problem with the watermark burning in during render. I spoke to Zaxwerks support on the phone and got some excellent help. Deleting the AE Pref
Invalid Filter
by Joe DeOliveira 9 years ago
Just downloaded and installed using Install 3D Invigorator Classic 5.0.5 and attempted running with AE CS5. Program immediately l crashed when attempting to open a previously created project using the
Re: Invalid Filter
by Matt Rhodes 9 years ago
Hi Joe. Would you be able to send us the project file (just the .aep file - no media files) I'm not sure if there's a crash opening the project file or if there was a problem with the installation. Ca
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