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Monitoring recording in Soundbooth
by Todd Terry 9 years ago
Hi gang... We are trying to use Soundbooth (CS4) in one of our suites to record narration from our audio booth. We are having a devil of a time monitoring the audio... and I'm thinking that surely I j
Re: Monitoring recording in Soundbooth
by Joao Araujo 7 years ago
Hello Todd, I am having that very same problem. Have you been able to find a solution If yes, please share... I'm going crazy with it... Thanks!
SONY HXR-NX5e - Opinions on formats, etc...
by Joao Araujo 8 years ago
Hello everyone!!! This is my first post here as I have some questions regarding the SONY HX-NX5e (aka Sony NX5). This will be the first time that I ll be using this camera for a documentary to be shot
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