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Reputable DVD Duplication place
by Sean Ainsworth 10 years ago
Hey, guys. I just finished a project and I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive, reputable place for DVD duplication. There are so many places on the web that look iffy, but have good prices, that I
Re: Reputable DVD Duplication place
by Jim O'Shea 10 years ago
We're pretty reputable and can certainly help with this project. Our short-run pricing can be found here: http: www.pacificdisc.com PricingShortRun.html If you would prefer, please call our 800 number
Creating animated image in Image Ready
by Jim O'Shea 14 years ago
I'm trying to animate a small file to spin revealing some written copy on the blank backside. The effect I'm looking for is similar to spinning a coin on a tabletop, or an ice-dancer doing a toe-spin
DVD Cases
by IngridSc 14 years ago
Hello all! I am in DESPERATE need of DVD cases that hold 5 discs and are WHITE. I've looked everywhere online and can only find them in black...can anyone help ! !
Re: DVD Cases
by Jim O'Shea 14 years ago
Ur, yeah -- that's a problem. Good luck! - Jim
New Zealand NTSC DVD
by Slade Baird 14 years ago
Hi, I'm in the US and I'm creating a DVD which will be viewed in New Zealand. Can I just send them an NTSC Region 0 disc to be projected from a computer Or will I need to have the footage converted to
Re: New Zealand NTSC DVD
by Jim O'Shea 14 years ago
Agreed - we have sent many NTSC discs to PAL countries and have a better then 95% success rate. If your user has a 10 year old player, then you should expect a problem. If however, and let's face it,
NTSC video for DVD in a PAL region
by Bryce Hoover 14 years ago
I will be creating a DVD from NTSC video, that will need to be playable in Brazil, a PAL region. I've been told that as long as I don't author it for a specific region, it will play anywhere (NTSC or
Re: NTSC video for DVD in a PAL region
by Jim O'Shea 14 years ago
I agree that NTSC discs can play on most PAL players when authored region-free, as we have sold many discs to mainly European countries. But I think it's ironic that PAL discs can't play on NTSC playe
DVD Cover & Insert Size For Standard Box
by guaiaciar 14 years ago
Can someone tell me the size and other specifications for a DVD cover spanning both the front and back of a standard DVD box and the specifications for an insert going in there Or where can I find thi
Re: DVD Cover & Insert Size For Standard Box
by Jim O'Shea 14 years ago
You can find templates for both the cover (commonly called wraps) and the inserts (the postcard, or booklet inside the case) here: http: www.pacificdisc.com PrepArtworkRep.html Good luck Jim
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