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setting directory?
by Eric Patrick 8 years ago
Sorry, one more question, and apparently a dumb one at that (sorry if it's already posted somewhere... I'll take a link to another post if available... just couldn't find the answer). Every time I go
Re: setting directory?
by Jim Medcraft 4 years ago
Structure I have designed
5DtoRGB - why?
by Joe Orange 9 years ago
Apparently, new software 5DtoRGB wipes the floor with Mpeg StreamClip in terms of quality of converted to ProRes footage. Yet converting 5D footage in FCP to ProRes is virtually the same in look to th
Re: 5DtoRGB - why?
by Jim Medcraft 7 years ago
Just to add to this post to bring it up to date for anyone that come across this post this. The major advantage of using 5DtoRGB now is that you can automatically apply the technicolor cinestyle lut,
FCP and Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet
by Paul Bussey 10 years ago
Hi, Has anyone had any experience with setting up the 'Express keys' and 'Application Defining' of these keys in FCP I want to be able to setup the simple Browser, Viewer, Canvas and Timeline shortcut
Re: FCP and Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet
by Jim Medcraft 10 years ago
Hi I was curious about how you guys have your express keys set up for FCP and if anyone use's one with Nuke
Rendering/Exporting to Quicktime with DV Codec
by Reighzin13 12 years ago
I am exporting rendering to DV Codec. It gets all blurry and fuzzy when trying to view in quicktime or final cut. The Animation Codec looks fine but when exporting to DV, it looks terrible. Can anyone
Re: Rendering/Exporting to Quicktime with DV Codec
by Jim Medcraft 11 years ago
It's not just your country, I am preparing video content for a live awards show and the media serva they are using to control it only takes .DV files, which suck with about 45 short bits of video I ca
rendering multi image planes
by Jim Medcraft 11 years ago
I have 2 image planes with image sequences on them and i want to render out, problem is that only one will render out on each respective camera, help I need one of the planes to move with 3d model and
Re: rendering multi image planes
by leigh wells 10 years ago
I'm working on a similar project. Let me know if you get the problem solved. Thanks!
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