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Kansas firm sells candid Wal-Mart videos
by Randy Wheeler 11 years ago
Recent article about video ownership rights: http: www.msnbc.msn.com id 24033191 "Kansas firm sells candid Wal-Mart videos Ex-contractor Flagler opens up archive to lawyers, union critics Wal-Mart s i
Re: Kansas firm sells candid Wal-Mart videos
by Jim Hyde 11 years ago
Yes but when you have a ticket to financial freedom like this guy (arguably, since he has not taken up wal-marts buyout offer) who cares about business or what anyone thinks of you. Being in his posit
Traveling to Canada
by Karl Soehnlein 11 years ago
I'm not sure if this is the appropriate thread, but I thought I'd start here. In a few weeks, I will be making my first trip outside the U.S. with my video equipment. I am a freelancer and was hired b
Re: Traveling to Canada
by Jim Hyde 11 years ago
So what is the proper way to go about cross-border productions I had a pretty bad incident a few years back now. I was going down to San Diego to do a corporate shoot. I was bringing a lighting kit an
Shooting a band_-Music Nightmare?
by Tim Frechette 11 years ago
Quick overview. Excellent band plays 70's music, very popular, located in my area on East coast. Someone from LA wants to see a 5-8 minute video of them playing. The band is getting quotes for a shoot
Re: Shooting a band_-Music Nightmare?
by Jim Hyde 11 years ago
Interesting, good thing we've mostly been steering clear of cover bands just due to the fact that they are unoriginal. So would just playing in a cover band alone be considered an illegal act if not c
Near Craigslist Calibre Job Posting ... for the CBC!
by Rick Dolishny 11 years ago
I have read it a number of times and forwarded it to colleagues. I was waiting for the "...deferred payment" at the end but "bilingual" to service the estimated five francophones in the Vancouver mark
Re: And the dollar amount is...?
by Jim Hyde 11 years ago
You're close, Steve. It's a little bit higher, not counting benefits and overtime.
Critique Please of My Editors Reel - Documentary/News Magazine
by Ryan Osika 14 years ago
This is my very first attempt at an editors reel. Most of my experience comes from editing news magazine documentary style work. I do have motion graphics experience as well which is displayed in the
Re: Critique Please of My Editors Reel - Documentary/News Magazine
by Jim Hyde 14 years ago
My first thought... WAAAAAAAAY too long. I watched about 45 seconds and then scanned all the way through to the end. I want to see your work and what you can do, not a trailer for everything you have
Editor/Videographer Commercial REEL
by Jim Hyde 14 years ago
I work for an ad agency and am looking for greener pastures so I cut together this reel last night. I could will do more to it when I have the time. I do everything from camera work, to editing and gr
Re: Editor/Videographer Commercial REEL
by Marc Hermann 14 years ago
I liked your work, but the rather hectic presentation and the music really got on my nerves. Still, it left me wanting to see more, mostly because of "This is your tomorrow" and "Aspen Ridge Entertain
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