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Ideas on how to remove this Mic Shadow?
by Anthony Sneed 5 years ago
https: 125734293 The mic appears on the board at a certain point and I need to remove it. The director won't let me blow up the image. I'm posting because there's a few approaches and I'm tr
Re: Ideas on how to remove this Mic Shadow?
by Jesus Alvarez 5 years ago
The easiest and cleanest way is rebuild the board in 3D. Pipeline: Tracking, modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and composition, Jesus Alvarez Composition VFX 3D Animation http: www.whoscreative
visual effects and 3D service
by Jesus Alvarez 10 years ago
Hi there I'm a MAYA Generalist with more than 10 years experience among other VFX skills as; RealFlow, AE, Combustion, Photoshop... When you have a chance, please visit my weblink at: http: www.whoscr
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