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Trouble Installing OSX
by JesseJohnson428 13 years ago
I've been trying to instal OSX on a used G4 powerbook, and here's the problems I'm having: 1. The computer freezes halfway through the instal. 2. If I get the OS installed, the computer freezes whenev
Re: Trouble Installing OSX
by Jeff Carpenter 13 years ago
It's probably time to take it into a tech somewhere. Either an Apple store or just look in the phone book for an Apple-repair place. This really sounds like a hardware problem somewhere. Whether it's
high pitched digital crackle
by JesseJohnson428 13 years ago
Several tapes that I've digitized, through several different decks, that were all shot on the DVX100 over the past months at different shoots, have a high pitched digital crackle when I play them back
Re: high pitched digital crackle
by David Battistella 13 years ago
This sounds like over modulation problem or depending on the model of the wireless mic radio interference on the heads at the time of recording. David Peace and Love :)
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