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ADR in Audition
by Chris Holland 9 years ago
Hi, I am trying to figure out how to playback a loop of audio and record at the same time without recording the looping audio. Does anyone know if this is possible in Audition 5.5 and if so how you se
Re: ADR in Audition
by Jesse Ruggles 9 years ago
Yes, it definitely is possible. You have a routing issue in which the output from channel 1 is being fed into the input of channel 2 (I have no idea what your channel names numbers are so I'm assuming
Gradually increase the speed of an audio clip?
by Dustin Bowser 9 years ago
How would I go about gradually increasing the speed of an audio clip over time in Audition
Re: Gradually increase the speed of an audio clip?
by Jesse Ruggles 9 years ago
It looks like it's still there in 4 CS5.5. I downloaded the trial to check it out. If you switch the algorithm to Audition instead of iZotope Radius there's a "Final Stretch" setting under "Stretch an
Vocals - Amplify OR Multiband Compressor or??
by jim bachalo 9 years ago
Hi Can anyone suggest some best practices for processing vocals if I have a high noise floor If I need to increase the volume, what do I do...amplify, normalize, use the multiband compressor or... And
Re: Vocals - Amplify OR Multiband Compressor or??
by Jesse Ruggles 9 years ago
I would recommend first seeing if you can reduce some of the noise. Audition 3 has a built-in Noise Reduction plugin (Effects - Restoration - Noise Reduction). If you aren't familiar with that plugin,
Compressing tempo of clip to match next clip
by Jesse Ruggles 9 years ago
Here's what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm building a radio promo and I'm attempting something new (to me at least) in transitioning between two song clips. The first clip has a tempo of 93bpm and the
Noise Reduction?
by Justin Sheehan 9 years ago
Is it possible, with Audition, to reduce the loud crowd noise and improve the audio of the speaker in this video. I know it would be a lot of work, but is it worth to try it http: bjuYhrQmEw0
Re: Noise Reduction?
by Jesse Ruggles 9 years ago
It's going to be a bit more difficult, but one approach would be to use a combination of expansion and compression. I downloaded the audio and took a quick shot at it. Here's what I did: 1. Normalized
Adobe can't find supported audio device
by Don Hutcheson 11 years ago
I've installed Adobe Audition 3 and it is telling me it "can't find a supported audio device". I'm running it on a new quad core computer with VISTA. Isn't there a driver on here that it can recognize
Re: Adobe can't find supported audio device
by Jesse Ruggles 11 years ago
A lot of people are going back to the stability of XP. The only thing you have to check on is that drivers exist for your hardware that support XP. Not all, but a growing number of laptops that were b
Sound Forge cursor position
by Will Hunter 11 years ago
Currently when I press the stop button to stop a recording, the cursor moves to the beginning of the region I just recorded. If I don't push the "end" button before I begin recording again I would era
Re: Sound Forge cursor position STILL NEED HELP!
by Jesse Ruggles 11 years ago
Which recording mode are you using Also, which version of Sound Forge are you using I don't recall the modes in the older versions, but in 9.0 you have "Automatic retake (automatically rewind)" "Multi
Audio Interface
by Marc Morel 11 years ago
Good day all, I'm looking to buy an audio interface for my basic recording needs. I mainly produce video but I also record a lot of audio for audioguides in a museum setting. I've narrowed my choice t
Re: Audio Interface
by Jesse Ruggles 11 years ago
I have used both the M-Box Fast Track Pro and the Presonus Firebox side-by-side. I was asked to assist in choosing what would be the standard issue interface to the students as a consultant to a local
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