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3D layer order problem
by peter burr 12 years ago
When working with complicated 3D layer compositions (with more than a few dozen layers) the layer order sometimes switches around in the composition when my camera moves along the z axis (zooming in a
Re: 3D layer order problem
by Jesper Pedersen 10 years ago
I have found a workaround that works for me! Perhaps it also works for you( ) The workaround is extremely simple but also difficult: All elements in the composition have to be unique. So -You CANT cop
What is ??
by Patrick 14 years ago
I'm getting an invalid offscreen buffer size on AE 6.0, Win XPSP2 Any idea what that means Thanks
Re: What is ??
by Jesper Pedersen 11 years ago
Help! My big motion graphics projetic is on the verge of a meltdown! Last night I happily shut down my computer, everything working well, and this morning when I open my AE project, I too get the mess
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