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I'm an electronics engineer and explorer. My wife (Kathy) & I travel throughout Peru looking for lost cities and investigate mysterous places here.
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May 10th 2007
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An American in Lima, Peru

Michael Slowe
Stuck - setting up for Blu-Ray
by Jerry Wills 8 years ago
Hi Folks -- I really have no issue setting up for outputting a SD-DVD, but all that changed when I decided to burn a Blu-Ray disc. First off, I have up to date software (FC Studio). I export to Compre
Re: Stuck - setting up for Blu-Ray
by Jerry Wills 8 years ago
Thanks Michael, I really appreciate the advice. So creating a menu via DVDSP isn't a possibility...That's just hard to understand that Apple doesn't provide a method for this when everything seems to
Import Video question
by Jerry Wills 9 years ago
I've been using FCP for a number of years and recently decided to shoot my footage in 1080 24p. I have the Sony A1U and a V1U I shoot short documentary's with. Until recently I just shot with the stan
Re: Import Video question
by Ross Daly 9 years ago
Hi Jerry, I'm not sure if this answer is 'beneath' your question, but the simplest way to get 'proper' project settings for your imported footage is to drag a clip into an empty timeline and let final
hardware speed boost - best ROI?
by Paul Mosser 10 years ago
Currently running FCS2 on a G5 PowerPC dual 2.3, 12mb memory. Just did my first HD (shot on Canon XH-A1 and Vixia HV30). Of course, I had to down-convert to SD 16:9 for the client DVD. Main sequence c
Re: hardware speed boost - best ROI?
by Jerry Wills 10 years ago
Hi -- I just set up my new (drum roll please) Mac Pro, 8 core, 2.23Ghz with 12 meg of ram. I mention this because like yourself, I have had to deal with really slow rendering speeds using a Mac Pro la
quality on net
by Gord Wright 11 years ago
Hello.....let me start off by saying that I am the furthest thing from a serious video producer, so I don't get involved to much with all the technical mumbo jumbo. I simply produce video home tours f
Re: quality on net
by Jerry Wills 11 years ago
I just read your post and a few of the answers. We had the same issue for our netcast of an adventure series we're taping in Peru. We have examples online you might want to take a look at. Sunrise or
Opinions Please...
by Jerry Wills 12 years ago
I'm about to make the switch from a Sony VX2100 to the HVX200 and would appreciate some input. I've read articles and posts for about 2 months, spoken to numerous film makers and a few post production
Re: Opinions Please...
by Jerry Wills 12 years ago
OK, so from what I've read by each of you helping me, is that the HVX200 can only be useful (using tape) if I shoot 720 24P... Anything else requires one of the P2 cards. What about attaching a firewi
Best Firewire Drive for in-field P2 Production
by Dan APPEL 12 years ago
Any suggestions for best option(s) for firewire backup of P2 cards (shot with HVX200). I have heard a number of people having issues with the Firestore. My plan is shoot with the P2 cards and download
Re: Best Firewire Drive for in-field P2 Production
by Jerry Wills 12 years ago
"...As far as the Quicktime clips, they are all broken down into individual clips due to the FAT 32 limitation of the FS-100 Hard Drive" FAT 32... Trust me, Mac's don't like FAT 32 very much. I lost
is this true...AG-HVX200 for 2,100 bucks???
by Micah Ginn 12 years ago
this link popped up on google and offers a reduction from 5,999 to 2,100 for a brand new AG-HVX200... https: prodetails.asp prodid=25070&gclid=CKzfm-a_2osCFRKsGgodalKobw also, wh
Re: is this true...AG-HVX200 for 2,100 bucks???
by Jerry Wills 12 years ago
I have spent the last week calling each place I've found offering the Panasonic AG-HVX200 at a highly reduced price. It is really a buyer beware situation. I'm astonished at the way I have been treate
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