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Skype window insert
by anthony Faulkner 10 years ago
Hi there, I saw on a previous post Craig had said it is possible to insert a skype window into a wirecast broadcast. Would it be possible if you could elaborate on the steps involved in that process T
So close on wirecast skype call
by Jerry Kay 10 years ago
My last issue is echo on audio. Below are the settings I am using. Can someone review these settings and let me know where I am going wrong. Thanks. Jerry WIRECAST SETTINGS 1. EDIT DESKTOP PRESENTER S
AVCHD Formats
by Jerry Kay 11 years ago
Recently I purchased the HMC150P. There were several being the ability to easily record long meetings which we eventually send to public access tv stations. The other was trying to sa
Re: AVCHD Formats
by Noah Kadner 11 years ago
Well kinda depends. Personally I love the PH 1080 24 and 720 24 modes because they look the camera's best. The lower bitrate modes give you more recording time at a cost of image quality- actual recor
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