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Film Projector Effect
by Steve Pribramsky 7 years ago
I have looked through many other threads on this and have not found any solid tutorial or explanation on how to attempt this effect. I am trying to create an effect where my subject is projecting a re
Re: Film Projector Effect
by Jerome Carter 7 years ago
These two Create Cow Tutorial can get you started. http: watch digital-video creative-cow-after-effects-tutorials-hologram-effect http: articles stern_eran Laser_E
AE script/comp crashing on render
by Joel Arvidsson 7 years ago
Got an ae comp script that crash when render. It was an dynamic linked clip that i changed composite durantion on and extended it. I think this could be the reason for the crashing. The orginal do not
Re: AE script/comp crashing on render
by Jerome Carter 7 years ago
I have some experience with scripting and after effects, if you want to share your code, I can review for possible syntax, construct problems.
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