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Can't capture with intensity pro anymore
by Jerel Peterson 1 month ago
I have two computers with Intensity Pro capture cards in them. I have successfully used these cards for quite a few years to webcast with Wirecast. But now, neither one will detect video from the came
A request for sports template authors
by Jerel Peterson 4 months ago
I'm not sure how many people on this forum make sports templates, but I'll post here regardless. I also posted it to the VideoHive forum. I do high school sports webcasts at 2 different schools, and u
Re: A request for sports template authors
by Jerel Peterson 3 months ago
Thanks for the replies. I think I'll just have to resign myself to doing things the long way. There are a few templates that work well with an AI file, but not many. I had the feeling that there was n
4K yet?
by Jerel Peterson 10 months ago
I saw a thread on 4K DVDs from about 5 years ago, which said that it wasn't available yet. Have things changed I've seen what appears to be a 4K blu-ray burner on Amazon, but what type of media do you
Source compression type is not supported
by Jerel Peterson 1 year ago
I just updated to AE 2019 (version 16 build 235). But now many of my green-screen videos won't load because it says the source compression type is not supported. I made these in a fairly old version o
Re: Source compression type is not supported
by Jerel Peterson 1 year ago
I did the same -- I realized that there was an option to download previous versions, and I found that everything worked with 17. (I'm only an occasional hobbyist user of AE and Premiere, so I'm often
Tab stops?
by Jerel Peterson 2 years ago
Is there any way of setting tab stops on a text layer I've never been able to find the capability -- but then again I'm in the novice stage when it comes to AE (even though I've been using it for almo
Re: Nope! Sorry!
by Jerel Peterson 2 years ago
I wouldn't expect a full-blown page-layout capability--just some simple tab stops would suffice. The sports template I just purchased has 30 main comps. One of them has 100 separate text layers for en
Trial Expired
by Jerel Peterson 3 years ago
Today, all of my Creative Cloud apps are saying I am on a 7-day trial. The same thing happened to me last September, but I can't remember what I did to get it back (if I remember correctly, it was fai
Re: Trial Expired
by Brent Marginet 3 years ago
If you have a legit CC Contract just call Adobe. They fixed the same issue in moments when this happened to me. "MY MEDIA PROJECT MOTO: If you think three copies of your media or project are enough. T
'Trial Expired'
by Jerel Peterson 3 years ago
I am using a computer that has had CS6 installed on it for quite a few years now. Today when I tried to open a project that I had worked on just a couple of days ago, I got this message: "this project
Re: 'Trial Expired'
by Jerel Peterson 3 years ago
I see that the users forum on Adobe's site has a FAQ for this exact problem. I'm away from the computer in question right now, but will try that fix when I get back to the school later today.
Actual pictures as subpictures?
by Jerel Peterson 4 years ago
I want to put a subpicture graphic next to a text button so that when a person points at one of the text buttons, a picture will pop up to the left of the text button. But even though I put in an actu
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