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Training A Drone Spotter
by C. Blake Davis 3 years ago
Hello all, I've just started working with a company that does a lot of drone videography. According to the laws in our state we require a 'drone spotter' while operating in certain areas. They plan fo
Re: Training A Drone Spotter
by Rich Rubasch 2 years ago
Don't take your eyes off the thing.... Rich Rubasch Tilt Media Inc. Video Production, Post, Studio Sound Stage Founder President Editor Designer Animator http:
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New UAV/drone camera from Sony
by Douglas Spotted Eagle 4 years ago
This is a heavy-lifter and not for the smaller 3DR Solo, but for a Matrix, S900, S1000, or similar DIY, it's the bomb. https: press sony-expands-4k-video-camera-lineup-with-new-model-del
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