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Can you break up an XDCAM discs files to upload in smaller chunks?
by Jeff Landie 9 years ago
A client has requested we upload the contents of 2 shot XDCAM HD discs to an FTP site in Germany. We did a test upload of a zipped file that worked just fine, with a small file 450 MB. Now, I'm attemp
Replacement component cable
by Jay Childs 11 years ago
Hello all - This should not be NEARLY as difficult as it is but considering it's Sony, it's what I expect. The component video cable that came with my EX-3, component mini plug to a 3-way RCA componen
Re: Replacement component cable
by Jeff Landie 11 years ago
How much did it cost to fix your connector, and how involved was the process This same thing happened on one of our shoots recently. I was moving the tripod a with a Sony EX3 on it and the HD LCD moni
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