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Timecode off 3:18
by Jeff Griswold 2 months ago
Hey all, We're on PC's using the latest updates. PPro 2019 13.1.4, AME 13.1.3. My timelines are set up DNxHD 1080i 29.97 drop frame. I'm exporting 1080i, 29.97 drop (.mxf files) When I am exporting a
Track Matte resets
by Jeff Griswold 3 months ago
Hey all, Working on a PC, PP 2019. We use the track matte key all the time for transitioning lower thirds onto the screen. We recently finished a program and everything looked fine last week. We opene
Re: Track Matte resets
by Todd Perchert 3 months ago
PPro didn't update in that timeframe, did it That would be about the only thing I could think of that could possibly do that. TC
Keeping AAF original Time code at export
by Jeff Griswold 2 years ago
Hey all, I have several takes of music that were recorded (Video and Audio serparate) at different times during the day. I synced all of the tracks of external audio to each video take. Editing, I've
59.94i sequence issue
by Jeff Griswold 4 years ago
Hey all, We ran across an issue using a 59.94i sequence in Premier and had one of our editors run some tests. Here are his results: If setting up a 29.97i sequence in premiere using 29.97i and 59.94i
Updating Clip metadata with new xml?
by Jeff Griswold 5 years ago
Hey All, I have a bunch of clips that I'm using with minimal metadata. I've received a NEW XML with extensive metadata for the same clips. I would like to append the new metadata from the xml to the c
XML Translation was aborted due to a critical error
by Jeff Griswold 7 years ago
I've been exporting xml's from old projects (FCP 7) and had great success. However, a few projects get the xml translation error when I am trying to export. I've searched the web and can't find a real
Re: XML Translation was aborted due to a critical error
by Jeff Griswold 7 years ago
I figured out the answer to my post and thought I would share it with you. I found that if there is a user defined effect, i.e. dissolve in the project panel, then FCP will fail in its attempt to crea
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