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Re: KiPro footage appearing as 60P but shot at 30P ingested in Normal mode
by Jeremy Garchow 8 years ago
Over the wire, 720p is always 59.94. If you wanted to remove the redundant frames, you need to turn of VFR mode to give you a 720p29.97 file. Jeremy
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Re: Magic Bullet Looks - cannot exit fullscreen
by Matt Dunne 9 years ago
Just in case anyone stumbles across this. I'm on a mac and pressed command , to cycle through the windows and changed my external video monitoring from digital desktop to DVCPro (which I don't have) w
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Re: Why is NBC requesting Betacam format from me? I'm all digital.
by shawn Bockoven 8 years ago
We are covering a commencement with our HD truck at a UC in California. NBC also requested Beta SP from us--I am sure we had the same look on our face as you did. After a few phone calls to NBC, the U
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Re: 10 gigE question for mac
by Jeff Baker 9 years ago
Hi Bob, I just read your Maxx Digital testimonial and had them send me over a quote. I ended up feeling like someone who had accidentally waked into a Ferrari dealer intending to buy a Honda. My bad.
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