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I aim to blow away expectations and deliver appealing product that brings my team and company to a higher level. I provide dependable creative service with a positive attitude so I can become an experienced asset within a company.
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September 21st 2011
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Jazmyn Whitman 5 years ago
A new reel for 2014!

Button Highlights appear in wrong location
by Keith Betts 6 years ago
Creating a Blu Ray disc and have encountered problem I can't explain. When pLaying back my disc, button highlights for "Play All" and "Select Performances" as well as all other button highlights don't
Re: Button Highlights appear in wrong location
by Jazmyn Whitman 5 years ago
Hello, I'm still having an issue with the highlight placement. I edited the menu in Photoshop this whole time and just double checked the dimensions and they are 1920 x 1080. Is there anything else th
Jazmyn Whitman 6 years ago
Hi Everyone! I finally have a new demo reel update!! YAY!! Check it out!

Jazmyn Whitman 7 years ago
Hi Ya'll I have been on here awhile and I've never posted anything. So here, Post. I'm an video and photography editor, i'm getting better at motion graphics and I've done stereoscopic painter and a few feature films. If you need and editor or 3D painter or wanna teach me some more ropes about motion graphics I'm a quick learner and a great asset. Plus I'm determined to do good work and easy to have around. Check out my website! http://www.animejaz.com
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