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Documentary filmmaker & editor, Avid and Final Cut. Also Print Graphics experience in Adobe Design CS 2.
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August 21st 2005
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george sloan
Re: Talking heads with zillions of cuts
by Mark Suszko 8 years ago
There's a scientific reason for doing it. Our visual system evolved to detect changes in the visual field. If something changed the pattern we saw, it was either something to eat, or something wanting
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Re: Recommended workflow for PluralEyes / Media Composer
by Sal Fabbri 7 years ago
Here's my current workflow: 1. In PluralEyes, select "Camera 1" and drop all source video into the import box 2. Select "Audio Recorder 1" and drop all external audio recordings into the import box 3.
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Fyi: how I replaced the HDD in a MacBook Pro 4,1
by Craig Alan 8 years ago
In case anyone wants to give some new life to an old workhorse. I bought my MacBook pro 4,1 in 12 2008. It was starting to really slow down and certain apps were unexpectedly quitting. My instinct tol
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Re: Exporting in .MP4
by Shane Ross 7 years ago
Export a QT movie...self contained using the sequence settings. Basically a lossless quicktime. Then use MPEG STREAMCLIP to make the MPEG-4. It does a good job. Or...take the movie into Compressor...c
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Re: 1920x1080 vs 1440x1080?
by Chris Tompkins 9 years ago
HDV is a thin raster format so in 1080 mode it's 1440x1080. You can drop a 1440x1080 clip into a 1920 timeline just fine. HDV will NOT shoot full raster 1920x1080. If you are going out to web only I'd
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Re: How to discard hours of footage?
by Mark Suszko 9 years ago
You can say there are two main approaches to editing; additive and subtractive. Americans and Europeans tend to approach editing from opposite ends. In America, we call editing "cutting", the emphasis
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Re: Burned DVDs do not play in DVD Player
by Filip Kubiš 9 years ago
I really believe we should write the webmaster to add a filter into this forum. If someone writes: "HVDVD_TS" it will automatically reply him to switch to SD and forget about HD-DVD. This would help p
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Re: Basic question about shooting documentary
by David C Jones 9 years ago
Couldn't agree more with Noah and Mark; never use auto focus! The reason: the camera will constantly try and find the focus, making the image continually go in and out of focus. Not good! Very amateur
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Re: Mac and PC avid project/media files compatible?
by Jesse Rosen 12 years ago
I've actually had much better luck using Paragon NTFS on the Mac side than MacDrive on the PC side. I have a 12TB RAID hooked up to a MacPro via Fibre Channel, formatted as NTFS, and I get 300MB S Rea
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Re: AVID via Bootcamp?
by ken wanninger 12 years ago
I am running Media Composer 2.8 w Mojo on Leopard 10.5.2 on a MacBook Pro with no problems. I'm also running MC 2.8 on the same machine in Vista through Parallels. I haven't tried Bootcamp, but If it
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